About Us

                Anandi Gopal Joshi was one of the first two female physicians of India and the inspiration behind the name Anandi's Trunk. We imagine her as a little 8-9 year old girl who wore sarees even when she played with her siblings and helped her mother do her daily chores and that her name was Anandi because she brought great joy ( Anand / आनन्द : delight ) to the lives of everyone who met her. When a girl gets married she takes with her a trunk which is full of her most precious belongings, her trousseou which is lovingly put together by her mother and grandmother. It is her heritage (धरोहर ) which is what our gorgeous weaves and handicrafts are for us. A treasure trove of weaves and arts handed down generations from father to son, mother to daughter. 
                We, at Anandi's Trunk, are enamoured with handcrafted textiles while being passionate about securing a fair wage for the artisan. We want to contribute to the conservation and development of India’s age old crafts, through our vision of creating a fair, transparent and ethical platform where the work of our artisans can be made accessable to a descerning audience.
                We would like to be known for our focus on quality, sensible curation and support of sustainable development of the country’s weaves.  We aim to bring our selection of sarees to your doorstep in the most efficient manner possible.   

                Our founder, Sonali Kumar, is deeply passionate about Indian weaves and textiles and is the creative guide behind many of our designs.

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